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ChinaBlak is this years newest star to watch. Born to Haitian parents, this rapper/singer/songwriter first made a name for herself while playing clubs from New York to St. Lucia, Bahamas,Aruba and St. Martin where she literally ‘blew the roof off the place’ with her live performances. The name ‘China’ comes from the closet where her mother kept all her valued treasures. “I used to look at that closet and say, ‘that’s where I should be’.”

Armed with a chameleon-like ability to blend in with her surroundings, her songs tell the story of love, strength, courage, dreams and survival. Her tales of despair, the quest for love and pleads for strength and survival has made her a curious, yet confident phenomenon.

ChinaBlak believes her purpose on earth is to inspire the world through music. “Money and stardom are not what inspires me. I want to do music that creates an atmosphere for outbursts of inspiration and new direction, while still rooted in hip-hop. My music is something that everyone can relate to. I take all the good, the bad, and the ugly and set it to music.” When you listen, you can expect the music to move you in every direction, whether it is Alternative, Hip-Hop, R&B or Reggae. Her upbeat spirit is infectious. “I can be quite child like at times. I love to party and entertain.”

This multi-talented artist is on the rise, and she is ready to embark on a journey that will undoubtedly touch the many lives that relate to her writing. All aboard!

“I have been in and out of the game they always ask me which Chinablak are you because of the confusion i added the blizzie as an aka but Ive been signed with this name since the 90’s have been on hot 97 toured with great acts like JaRule, Allure and have been on many stages with known acts like Yankee B, Shabba Ranks, Salt n Peppa, Gyptian, Nardo Ranks, Baja Jedd, Marcia Davis, Meta and the Cornerstones, Brukup, Kultcha Don and so many more! I cant name them all. I am not new to this just never made a big deal about it but now I am a big deal so lets go!”

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