Anthony Grant-Aka Hurricane Born An Rise In A Little Community Know As Bull Bay St, Andrew.


Anthony Grant-aka hurricane born an rise in a little community know as bull bay St, Andrew. At age 8 while attending primary school he develop the love for music at lunch time he used to beat desk an do his ting with his fellow peers.
While in high school he become more in love with music after school he would visit the Jgoe Gibbs studio an learn more about music buy his master of music known as Anthony Bassy Hibbert ..

He voice his first official song titled (krist again-featuring dre blunt) he did is real first stage show at the nine bull bay talent Thursday that used to held every

Thursday he was one of the most anticipating act every Thursday .
From the talent show Jerry d the radio host saw his talent an give him his first radio interview in 2006 an his song titled (gun clapping ) was rotated for the first time .

In 2008 he try the magnum kings an queen show were he failed to make it to the live TV round he try every year after that and was successful in 2011 were he did his 11 audition in May pen were he wow the judges with him witty lyrics an style an performance of his song titled (Hi hello ma dear ) at his first TV live show he become popular. By the second live show he becomes a household name when he performed one of his most popular songs to date titled Galong bad.
He becomes the most favorite in the competition were he went an to be the winner of the magnum kings an queen show that year his Song ( wine yuh waist) give him the edge over all the contestants for his unique style an delivery of the song .

He become a popular Artist after that he was one of the most hottest artists that year in Jamaica .

He went on to do all the popular shows in Jamaica he perform at Sunfest, Sting, Regator, Dembigh, Jerk festival, Kite festival, Digicel road show, Tivoli Jamboree, and the list goes on. He performs at most or every high school and colleges in Jamaica .

He work with Ikation records ,guerrilla music, 9 yard production , sharnizle , pay day , wash entertainment just to name a few.

He his now recording for Guerrilla music, shot bling production and Top Of The Hill Music Group.

Look out for some of his hot singles coming soon.

Songs like faith and prayer, squatter land, money bees, different journey, untold story, willy an dilly.
Just to name a few he will be flooding the market this year with new songs sounds an lyrics his dream is to be a dance-hall legend an to remember as a pioneer of dance-hall

He is humble easy going an goals oriented!

His dream an love for music is different from a lot of musician in his spare times he listen music , riddim, writing or meditating new songs also driving he enjoy fast driving with loud music !!

He love party and dance-hall..

Anthony Hurricane Grant .

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