This bombshell is a legacy worth receiving and she’s one our universe has not quite seen before…Yeah she’s about to serve it up with a dazzle…JENN LIZA…surely one of a kind. Concocted with her Jamaican savvy and American growth, the quite-a-diva has managed to put a twist to the groove, stirring a fusion a signature of her own.

Singing and performing since the age of eleven, the very sensual, tantalizing, erotic musical sensation that she has evolved into enables her to satisfy the hungry thirst of music lovers in every corner of the planet. It’s simply “Rude ‘N Real”!

Jenn Liza known before to many of us as Jenni B, has been in the music industry for as many as twenty years and never all together giving up on making her mark. “They need me to share this vibe I’ve got for them really bad” she wooed (in an almost melancholy emphatic tone). “I need to give it to them just as bad, and the world would be robbed again, if I don’t reach them all.”

Jenn Liza has been onstage with various greats such as the late reggae Prince, Dennis Brown, the Grammy award-winning  Michael Rose, Sanchez,  Andrew Tosh, Beenie Man, and Sizzla (just to mention a few). When asked who inspired her music, Jenn Liza wryly smiled and said “the entire music  fraternity”. Bob Marley, the king of Music, King of Pop Michael Jackson whom we’ll  be referencing and learning from eons from now, Grace Jones “a true diva”, James Brown, John Holt, and Queen of reggae herself, Marcia Griffiths.

Presently ‘Miss Liza’ as she’s reverently called, has been working hard in the studios with various producers. Enlisting noted reggae super-producers such as Sly & Robbie,(who spawned one of Grace Jones biggest hits, as well as No Doubt’s huge hit records), also Ical Music who is responsible for her new hot single “Tan Deh” with a brand new music video now on YouTube, produced by Charlie Brown and directed by Ray Baily! Also, Urban Elite production with contribution from Willie and Kachiff Lindo, Kinetic Records (out of Germany which recently released Jenn Liza alongside Kiezmann, the sizzling new remix “Dickie Luv”) and Lucky Dragon Music that also released “A Long Time” on the compilation album called “Fools Riddim” featuring  Jenn Liza, Luciano, the late, great Sugar Minott and Ed Robinson among others. Coming by mid February, on the Power House Records is Jenn Liza’s upcoming single “Jumpin”.

Fans that are waiting – get ready for your hearts and souls to be grooved with single after single until you say when you’re ready for the crazy album to drop! Jenn Liza is now fully grown ‘n’ sexy…she’s the real McCoy…She’s the Rude ‘N Real…she’s the Dazzler!

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